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Who Are We?

We are a two woman team

who stopped waiting to be saved and started breaking the ancestral and environmental chains that enslaved us,  potentiating liberated family and community legacies from the inside, out.

We are an anti-social(ism) media company 

saying no to big tech censorship contracts and yes to our own agreements that honour the inner standing that leads to outer Dominion.


We have one goal.

Creating family legacies + communities that become our bulletproof immunity,

through powerful self leadership.

What does this look like?

Zero fear porn, powerful information + self alignment + the cultivation of the critical thinker within. We plan to never end up here again.


Our work is founded on the laws + principles in nature.

We are  leveraging human ascension by mirroring the scientific + mathematical technologies found within it, re-minding + re-membering men and women

 how they are innately designed to powerfully self lead + self navigate

when they tap into the intuitive, intelligent flow in nature.

The 369 Vision

Self-governed micro-cosmic communities founded on principles of:

De-centralized + Sacred Economy

Sacred Education/Mentorship

Holistic Health Technologies

Core Family Values


born of the fundament that focusing on what we bring to the table vs. take,

is what creates bullet + tyranny proof wealth, health + familial legacy/freedom.


We aim for a world

returned to itself, where Men + Women return to their rightful post as Stewards of the earth, Family reclaims its rank as the highest measure of wealth + Community is the nexus of it all.

Stop Fighting. Start Standing

C o n t a c t    U s

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