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The Course

On Notice is a 4 week foundational course that takes the Man and Woman

from lost-at-sea self enslavement to empowered self leader of your own life + legacy.


On Notice burns the inner barriers that have you unconsciously signing soul + civil contracts that constrict,

and lays the mandatory foundation required to stand in the contracts that protect your business, life + legacy


O.N. is the go to foundational course to stop fighting + flailing and start standing + stepping into leadership that builds legacies.

From Author to Author-ity of Your Life + Legacy

The Member-ship

The Arc is a Private Membership for real Men + Women who are ready to elevate their knowledge into wisdom + wisdom into action, stemming from the work in On Notice.

If On Notice is the information, The Arc is the integration.



The goal remains steadfast; ARChitecting inner ferocity for the

outer manifestation of fortified family, community legacy + leadership, from the inside-out.


“The Arc is the ultimate call to restore the claim over your life + legacy through divine self leadership.”


The Course

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The Course + Membership

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Course + Membership Access

Enrolment Closed Until
April 2022

Limited Spaces available for the Spring Session