Stop Fighting. Start Standing.

Slavery to Self Sovereignty is an inside > out job.

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If you’re a Canadian in the know, then you know that you've been fed a centuries old lie about your freedoms.


Unfortunately, most Canadians who know this are still making the mistake of focusing on a fight or flight game of tug of war, designed to distract + disconnect. Without certain keys of knowledge + language that free you from the fight, you remain engaged in your own self enslavement, wasting precious time screaming into echo/ego chambers of freedom groups with self proclaimed leaders but no solid plan, or waiting for a lawyer to litigate you to freedom, with no jurisdiction to do so.


Donating your precious time + energy funding freedom groups and lawyers when the power to win is already within you, is an investment in someone else's freedom, not yours.


On Notice is our solution to perpetual self-enslavement; a powerful 4 module, 4 week, self-study course that shows you how to identify the lost + hidden language + light inside you, to stop the fighting + start powerfully standing + writing your way back to a bulletproof self sovereignty, so you stop sailing aimlessly in a sea of lost souls and finally reclaim yours; never signing away your soul or civil contracts to third party intermeddler, again.


Module 2 - Lesson 1 below, is a 15 minute journey into 2 of the key elements that begin to very swiftly change the lens + the language you use to get what you seek, by getting you to acknowledge + embody who you really are + where you need to stand, to get there...


We've also given you a Bonus Document from inside the course that will cover the false concepts of the country + constitution we were indoctrinated into + start to assemble the picture inside the corporation you actually reside within, so that you begin to build your standing from the bottom up -


You must know who you are before you can get what you want + where you want to go.........

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