~ Mentorship ~

Internship Mentor-ship


At ThreeSixNine Media, 

we value and honour

Equal exchange

Reciprocity and

Fostering the leader within.


These concepts are foundational traits of

men + women on which an equitable community is built.

This is why...

We are seeking

Men and women who are willing to trade their skills for

access to our course + membership,

in lieu of slavery dollars and in favour of fortifying +

mirroring the actions we teach in member-ship

for building strong community.

This mutually beneficial exchange seeks out men + women

who possess the skills + abilities required to elevate our platform +

Community spaces, AND the desire to start playing a role in a new, freer future.

We have a big vision

for the future and it will take a village (literally)

with an array of skills to realize it. 


If you have 6 hours/month

+ are skilled in:



Video/Sound editing

Web Design

Zapier Integration

Community Moderation

Graphic Design

ConvertKit Automation

or other skills of interest

The Commitment

This is a minimum three month commitment 

in exchange for unlimited access to

ON NOTICE + The Arc.

Space is Limited

We will reach out to those who apply on an as-needed basis. 

We will retain all contact information on file for six months.

Apply for a Mentorship Spot

What do you have to offer?