ALL HANDS ON DECK 🇨🇦 the Declaration of Emergencies have to end. Now.

Current Provincial and Territorial Emergency orders are not justified or Constitutional and all draconian Public Health orders die the moment these orders end.

We have drafted nation-wide Notices by Province and Territory directed to the highest-ranking authorities of these orders, - the Lieutenant Governor's and the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories - requesting full disclosure of data, experts and information used to maintain all emergency orders. Each letter details the definition of an emergency per the jurisdictional act, the data that existed the day the order was signed, population, mortality rates and current unemployment as a result of lockdown measures.

Read it. Sign it. Share it and follow us on a journey as we seek out experts who will show us how to navigate the art of language, letter writing and how it can lead to ultimate freedom!

If you've signed or shared it, give it a shoutout in the comments. #30secondsofcourage #voiceyourself

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