GET READY.đź“ť. NEW NOTICE coming for BILL C-7

An act to amend the criminal code under the guise of "free choice".

"The federal government’s proposed changes to assisted suicide will eliminate the requirement that a person’s death be reasonably foreseeable, but the government will not open up the system to the mentally ill at this time."

"Canada has cast aside restrictions at a far quicker pace than any other jurisdiction in the world that has legalized euthanasia,” he said in a statement.

Collins also criticized the government for not creating more access to quality palliative care and urged Canadians to contact their MPs to voice concerns.

(Cardinal Thomas) 'Collins noted the new legislation is being introduced before the mandated five-year review of the legislation even takes place this summer, a point echoed by Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) executive director Alex Schadenberg."

“The government should wait before amending the law. In June 2020, the government will begin its consultation on five years of euthanasia in Canada,” Schadenberg said.


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