C A N A D A + N E W E A R T H

P R O J E C T// Rocco Galati + Ted Kuntz of @vaccine_choice_canada gave a killer interview thanks to @sachastone @mamalution and @newearth_project for their willingness and drive to represent and support Canada in this co-vid for communism catastrophe.

We/ @threesixninemedia recently had a meeting with Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada to find out how we could collaborate and best support their case against canada, Trudeau and CBC and Rocco's soon to lunch products that will allow Canadian citizens to hold businesses and organizations legally liable for breaching bylaws and overreaching their power under this false and unjustified state of emergency.

To find out more about these legal liability templates please visit Rocco's Justice Centre and watch his most recent video newsletter outlining the exact situation, you're masking rights and businesses responsibility and accountability to uphold them.

PLEASE DONATE to Rocco's CRC. He is taking a major pay cut to represent Canada and stop this b******* in its tracks with vaccine Choice Canada retaining him. The least we can do is support.

Sign up for the LINE IN THE SAND EVENT at

Join the 369 community to win together.

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