We've received a lot of questions about what we specifically contest about the new terms of service effective December 20th.

The short answer is EVERYTHING.

A more nuanced answer revolves around what the updated Community Guidelines constitute as harm, how that is managed, who has access to information considered harmful + how it can be obtained and subsequently used by various agencies.

At the root of these guidelines is censorship. For us to be in true alignment with our vision, mission + values for 369 Media, we must walk our talk and remove our attention from all that does not serve the highest good and focus our time, attention + energy into that which does.

For us, that is our Sovereign 369 Community. A place for those actively engaged in sharing, uplifting and working to create + carry out solutions.

We deeply believe those who seek, will always find what is meant for them, which is why we are choosing to go through this shedding process with the faith that we will be able to carry on with our mission to INFORM. CONNECT. ACT.

We have deep gratitude for everyone who has joined us on this journey. If you feel called to join our other platforms, we welcome you with open arms.

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