IN-FORM// Information + In-Formation. the former is the low +discordant frequencies used in MSM to shut down the right/creative brain + the bodymind's 1st brain- the heart- our organ of perception, intuition, empathy + creativity.

Resonant frequencies reopen + harmonize the flow of In-Formation throughout the bodymind + ARE In-Formation themselves.

Most of our communication happens on the intercellular/non verbal level, through sound.

we've just been tuned into the wrong station for far too long.

Time to raise vibration, coherence, connection, emotional intelligence + creative power- everything MSM fears most - by in-forming + restructuring our greatest powers that reside on the cellular, soul, harmonic levels of our being.

Time to tune in, turn on + tear up the old paradigm.

369 is the most powerful sequence of numbers that IN-FORMS the bodymind beyond the physical.

the 1st step to co creating the new Earth? IN-FORM.

Gives a whole new meaning to the 6 o clock news.

High vibe news doesn't spiritually bypass reality. It knows how to create new ones.

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