We advised them we would be requiring an official statement before we publish their response, on Saturday November 21.

We did not receive any comment from them.

G4S is a private security firm hired by the Manitoba's principal government to keep " covid -19 rule breakers" in check.

Please see our official email request to G4S, CBC's news article, quotes from government officials making these decisions, subsequent data on Manitoba's covid 19 death vs case rates to date, and where you can contact the officials making decisions to hire private security firms to police public mobility.

You cannot follow both the COVID 19 orders AND abide by Charter rights and subsequent Acts. So is G4S in breach of the law as a private business?

Are they prepared for subsequent civil lawsuits as a result?

For further resources on constitutional rights of citizens and obligations of businesses, please visit :

We will update this post if we receive a response.

"Remember that your right to shop is not as important as your right to life" ~Brian Pallister, removing your right to life under the guise of your right to life.


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