Masking in Quebec


Misleading headlines in Quebec today state that as of Saturday, citizens will be fined by police for not wearing masks in public spaces. Not a single article outlines medical exemption and accommodation, nor does it indicate that you cannot be asked for medical certification. Every article also fails to link to where masking orders remain unedited since Aug 11 (as of this post). We immediately called the Montreal #SPVM to clarify how officers would be handling this - specifically how they would address medical exemption. The officer on the call first stated certification would be requested by the officer. After reminding her it is against the law to violate medical privacy, she then indicated they were only informed of this directive when the press release went out and that further information would not be available until Saturday. When questioned how the directives SPVM will be required to enforce were released to the public before they went to officers, she hung up on me. We have since reached out to the media liaison officer requesting official comment, which will be made public in its entirety once/if received.

369 ACTION #30secondsofcourage


Regardless of where you live, call this Quebec SPVM detachment at 1-514-280-0115 and ask: How will fines be enforced? How will medical exemptions be respected? When will your media department release a statement outlining the exemptions to educate the public on why non-mask wears cannot be fined. Post your comments below.

In the article, the government is asking the public to call 911 to report people not "complying" and the SPVM is hanging up when you ask questions.

How does that make you feel? Now ACT.


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