🌑Rachel Harder, MP for Lethbridge, Alberta, stood before the house on November 17 as Conservative opposition in a motion regarding Canada's foreign Policy with China.

🌑Pierre Poilievre, MP for Carlton, has Launched a petition to this week to STOP THE GREAT RESET - a globalist plan to remove freedoms in exchange for dictatorship.

🌑 #questioneverything Why would a cabinet member start a petition?

🌑Why now? FIPAs 6yrs old.


~The Canada-China Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments Agreement or Canada China FIPA is a bilateral investment treaty between Canada+Chi Na which came into force on 1 October 2014.

~ The Canada China FIPA ties Canada "to the terms of the agreement for minimum 31 years.

~ Concerns were raised regarding the provision for national treatment in Article 6 because the CCPRPIA did not provide for pre-establishment national treatment(a right of entry into the Canadian or Chinese markets for investors of the other country).This could disproportionately favour Chinese investors in Canada because China places more onerous requirements on foreign investors for the registration and approval of new enterprises than does Canada

~Article15 provides that investors of one country are permitted to sue the government of the other county through an international tribunal. Corporations from either country can sue if the country in which they have their operations has public policies even those intended on protecting the environment, health, or safety that the corporation says"interferes with the corporation’s profitability".Canada's risk of such lawsuits is much greater than China's, since "China's foreign direct investment in Canada is much higher than Canada's in China."By 2015, Chinese foreign direct investment in Canada in 2015 was roughly three times the amount of Canadian investment in China.🌑 CHALLENGE:

~Who ELSE was present during the silent signing of FIPA back in 2014?~What party is he currently with?~what does Co Vid + Chi Na have in common outside of the Vi Rus? ~What did Try Deau have to say about China at a 2013 Toronto women's event? ~What did Sloan divulge in our prev post? #timeup

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