On Dec 3, 2020 15,782 of us stood in solidarity and placed the Governor General, Lieutenant Governors of the 10 Provinces + the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories on Notice to create transparency around their renewal of the Emergency orders that gives unlawful power to Public Health Authorities. Their deadline to respond is December 23rd 2020.

The second Notice will take aim and highlight the damages incurred as a result of their continued renewal of Emergency Orders that exist solely on a foundation of fraudulent evidence. This step will require individuals to take action + use their voice independently.

We will communicate next steps via our email list and inside our private community.

We are truly humbled + grateful for all of the support we received in such a short amount of time. We feel tremendous responsibility within this community to remain transparent + truthful + in alignment with every action that we take and every ripple subsequently created. Thank you to everyone who trusted and took part in this process and sorry we were delayed in getting this communication out to you.

We are Power In Numbers.

We are Consciousness In Action.

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