NSLC// Are you aware someone with a disability and a mask exemption was publicly accosted by one of your employees for not wearing a mask even after stating they couldn't?


Are you aware that your website does not list the mandatory EXEMPTIONS from mask wearing that implicate liability for your stores under the Disabilities Act and 5 sections of the Human Rights Code?


Are you aware that your staff think it's NOT in breach of the order to be an enforcer of mask wearing that state clear exemptions on the government website?And that your staff's unlawful actions invited a customer to accost the disabled patron?

Are you not aware of these unlawful violations and discriminatory actions taking place in your stores?Are you not a part of the government?Are you aware that improper covid 19 training on policy that's inclusive of exemptions in your stores is not being carried out, putting nslc in a position of liability for disability based discrimination?

Are you aware your employees do not have lawful authority to enforce orders?That your role as a company is solely to POST signage that INCLUDES EXEMPTIONS? That enforcement breaches the order+breaks ACTUAL laws?

Are you aware your online covid policies claimmasks are required,with no exemption policy listed?Are you aware this is discriminatory+misinformative+ misleading+non inclusive+ does not align with your co. mandates for the opposite?

@thenslc please visit Rocco Galati's website for a brief video on the bylaws you're company is breaching and the legal imposition you're putting you're company in and the discriminatory actions against your paying customers of all backgrounds, disabilities + classes that have a lawful right to move freely without disability based discrimination under the Disabilities Act in Canada.


"When a store refuses to let you enter despite your declaration of a medical exemption, they're usually in breach of the bylaw" Most if not all masking orders must provide exemption for medical accomodation"~Rocco Galati, constitutional lawyer,Canada.

We will also share the video here for you as well. Please feel free to contact us for comment @thenslc .

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