Randy Hillier Speaks with MSM

@randy.hillier was... " invited to discuss on cfra Ottawa, a letter from an Ottawa police officer expressing his disappointment and concerns over our overreaching over 19 policies. "

"it is clear Leslie Roberts had no intention of discussing this powerful letter but instead attacked my character and refused to even consider the information I of the reporters even followed up with a dishonest attack on Twitter claiming I refused to answer questions. in fact, I did, they just found my answers disagreeable." ~ @randy.hillier

why is mainstream media so reluctant to share two sides to this situation? what are they afraid of? why is one side being so censored? why won't our government give us answers to the questions we have the right to get responses to? why are we standing by and watching one man fight for us? where is the rest of our Parliament standing up against this when they know what's wrong?

as citizens of this country it is our job to do our due diligence to regain the narrative and our freedom. freedom is not owed, it is earned

contact cfra Ottawa and let them know what you think of the centerview. demand that they redo the interview without a strong bias. ask questions. question the narrative . think critically period and act on it.

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