BILL 218// @randy.hillier exposes bill 218 in parliamentary hearing

VIEW PREVIOUS POST for our NOTICE OF DISSENT TO BILL 218 to members of government and Parliament to stop the passing of this bill.

COPY + PASTE OUR NOTICE to dissent Bill 218 on our website. Link in bio.

"Bill 218 prevents the public from suing our government institutions for their liability during COVID, undermines ministerial responsibility, and subverts common law.

Our government is attempting to conceal their actions, responsibility, and culpability for the harm they have caused in their response to #COVID19. It would be shameful for any Members of the Legislature to support this bill. There is something immoral when members abandon their own conscience, and support a Bill which is a direct path to injustice; better to be kicked from Caucus, than to abandon your conscience. We must reject Bill 218."

BILL 218:

NOTE: all notices of dissent from 369 are suggestions of notice of dissent. We holy encourage men and women's right to express free will and to edit any letters WE Post to fit their own narrative and goal. Copy and paste what we provide or edit to your own liking.

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