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Queen's Park Toronto: Taking a stand for constitutionalism with @randy.hillier and @roccogalatilaw(twitter), covered by @riseup_canada+ @houseofrajie .

369 Commentary:

UPDATE: Doug Ford was a no show and nobody got arrested.

Rocco and Randy put themselves on the front lines everyday. Today, they risked arrest, gathering in a group of 100 plus, to demonstrate the efficacy + backbone of Doug Ford's lockdown orders.

Doug Ford never showed up. No arrests were made. No charges were laid.

What does this tell you about the legitimacy of the orders our politicians are pushing under a false state of emergency?

What are we afraid of?

369 media has three pillars we run everything we put out, off of...


One vital piece under ACT - after notices have been signed, after protests have been walked in, after we have actively dissented against their criminal orders...


ACTING needs to enter a 2nd phase, taking on the energy of IGNORING.

It is an ACT of dissent , after actively sending notices of liability, to GO FORWARD TO WORK. To OPEN YOUR BUSINESS. to TAKE OFF THE MASK. to shop without masking. to be a BUSINESS WITH A BACKBONE, backed by their community and their business communities, to take the signs down and go FORWARD, to work.

To go forward into to LIVING WITHOUT PERMISSION, with the strength of the CONSTITUTION running through your blood.

they were right about one thing. there is NO going back to normal.

normal was oppressive and unconstitutional.


we are going forward, from New world order slavery into new Earth sovereignty.

we are creating coalitions of lawyers, doctors, teachers, ready to go forward but wanting something to move forward into.

who's going forward with us?

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