Rocco Galati on the masking orders + the Offense Act

Rocco Galati on the masking orders + the Offense Act.

an exclusive interview clip from @houseofrajie . @roccogalatilawproviding information on the masking orders and mandates held up against the offense Act, the charter and the Disabilities Act.

Share far and wide.

SHARE this video when you are facing confrontation and stores.

SEND to managers and CEOs of companies violating these acts and your rights. put them.on notice.

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STAY TUNED THIS WEEK// Rocco is about to launch legal templates for masking order violations for schooling, employees, patrons and more.

ARM yourself with information, community and take action.

THANK YOU @houseofrajie for being an ethical, empathic and valuable media resource.

THANK Rocco Galati by donating to his constitutional rights centre. He is the singular lawyer in Canada fighting for your last grasp at freedom. buy him a couple of coffees a week in donations and express your gratitude it's the least we can do.


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