ROCCO GALATI, TED KUNTZ OF @vaccine_choice_canada + @sachastone //

ROCCO GALATI is Canada's top constitutional lawyer currently fighting hard for our freedoms. on @sachastone back on September 15th.

We were honored to make this call happen through 369 Media.

Rocco's statement of claim has made waves+ great impact across the globe as constitutional lawyers ask for his statement of claim to use in their countries.

Listen closely to what he has to say about our futures, if we sit down and acquiesce.

VISIT for in depth video newsletters on your rights to unmask + business's obligation to not overstep them. And the consequences of that.

DONATE to Rocco's CRC. He is the only constitutional lawyer in Canada willing to fight to uphold our constitutional rights. He needs help to do it.


STAY TUNED for some groundbreaking projects in partnership with 369 Media + Rocco + Whole Hearted Media, for Canada + the globe.

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