Updated: Dec 27, 2020

S O V E R E I G N// by Design with founders David + Angela,talking all things Sovereignty 101.

Listen to this clip as I ask what parents can do immediately to reclaim full control over their children's education + schooling choices, and regain autonomy from the current system, lawfully + peacefully.

This 1 hour in depth 101 covers the foundations of sovereignty and the process and it's benefits and challenges. AND

IF YOU'RE A PARENT// stay tuned, I have a 2nd EPISODE coming out this week where I'll be asking David all about the specifics for PARENTS SEEKING SOVEREIGNTY.

These are solutions to the current schooling and health overreaches. Tune in + go to and start the education process immediately with their 3 FREE MODULES including info on how to attain your documents, a crucial 1st step.


I don't think they'll be free for long, nor will your documentation remain available to you quite possibly. NOW is the time.


Full podcast episode

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