T H E. L O V E. S E R I E S


Please message us if you're interested in the next round.

Join @threesixninemedia + @activationsessions on DECEMBER 21 to activate our collective ascension on the day of the great, GRAND CONJUNCTION.

We are privy to a once in 10 lifetimes event not seen or experienced for 800 years - the grand conjunction/star of Bethlehem -building on the portal Opening on December 12th to bare witness to a biblical moment in time.

We talk mostly of earthly facts, but the deepest, truest most tangible fact is that which is occuring right now in the subtle realm/ the quantum field.....

We are being granted the opportunity to upgrade our frequency field + to choose ascension to higher more expansive realities.

We have stood our ground, written our letters+ said NO MORE. Now, we ACT through a choosing to focus on higher vibrational portals. THIS is why 369 was built.

Join us with 2 profoundly powerful sound healers on DECEMBER 21, 1pm EST on a live Zoom sound healing session as we choose the higher frequency road to a new Earth + take advantage of this biblical energetic shift.

TO SIGN UP: to sign up. It's FREE but space is very limited.


We encourage attendees to livestream from their phones to expand the field.

We will see you on the other side. ⭐

⭐Let the real work begin.


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