WHERE TO FIND US// post December 20, 2020 when the terms of use changed on IG + FB.

People are asking so we are posting a static graphic on our 2 main platforms off social-ism media.

OUR COMMUNITY// is about to hit 1K members this week.

It is a freedom, faith + justice health focused space to INFORM, CONNECT + ACTIVATE our 100% aware, awake + alive community of men + women.

It functions like Facebook without the fascism, with the ability to create groups, share content, attend exclusive livestreams on health, spirituality, sovereignty, preparedness, and more.

We are announcing some big projects in there like an upcoming GLOBAL FUNDRAISER with some if the most renowned hearts and minds in media, medicine, science, law and education.

We will have course content launching in 2021 that elevates, connects + co creates practical solutions to move us as a collective into new Earth realities from home building off grid to economic solutions to self reliance to faith building + childhood eco education.

OUR TELEGRAM// will take the place of IG , where we will post factual information, updates, news + resources , always following our promise to INFORM + guide us to ACT in ALIGNMENT with our focus on new Earth thriving, through authentic community building + CONNECTION.

We do not consent with new terms and services that suffocate human freedoms of good men and women.

"How are you so ok with giving up a platform that's grown so quickly?"... Because we care 0 about followers.. and 100 about leaders. Leaders create legacies that leverage true human ascension

THAT is where our focus is.

So we are creating spaces and more... 😉.... That will NEVER betray our quest for ultimate freedom.


SCREENSHOT + SHARE our platform links as they'll be gone Dec 20, 2020.



A on the terms of use will be up shortly.

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