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We are a self-funded, two woman team
that got sick of the status quo and decided to change the
game and then built a platform to change the game for the rest of the country + beyond. 
We rely solely on the generosity of our community in order to  continue to
provide valuable content that NEVER relies on funding that
prostitutes the integrity of our platform.

In the spirit + soul of contributionism + reciprocity,
we are very focused on offering transformational content
that changes the standing + power of its consumers
over the ingestion of toxic white noise.


We provide both free + paid content
for several reasons:

We are putting 100% of our time, energy + expertise into
this platform + its offerings. Which means you will get
100% of our effort, attention + focus.

Reciprocity is a fundament of fortified new community + our
community members learn quickly to show up asking what they can offer,
not what they can take (this is how we never end up here again).
Money is simply an exchange of energy.

We share everything we can on our public + free  forums
(podcast, private + free community space, email list) and
have donated the course and membership to MANY amazing
community members who asked + offered an exchange of energy -
because we believe there is more than one way to run
a powerful economy + money is the least of those powers.

We value self led, self starting men + women ready to
build new community + our platforms are designed to
cultivate + gather them then lead them to lead
their own communities into Dominion.

If our work has impacted your life 
and you want media that focuses on fortifying family ,
we appreciate your show of affection + gratitude.

And we always always encourage supporting us
by becoming a member

through our course, membership and community, 
because of the value you will receive in return as well as
the immense value you add to the initiative to build a new freer future
by becoming a self leader through our 369 journey.

Kerry + Nicole


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