The Atlas~

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With an ever-growing and imminent need to connect communities with local merchants who have ethics + a backbone, we created The Atlas; a global PUBLIC facing directory for merchants who choose to serve their communities inclusively.


The Atlas is a national directory that empowers merchants and communities to merge and grow stronger together, providing an opportunity for merchants to notify the communities they serve that all are welcome.

This user-friendly, dynamic directory looks great on any device, gives merchants full control of their profile and gets you on the map quickly,  connecting you to future customers via the Connect built-in messaging system.

In the spirit of building new communities founded on self governance and dominion, we’re most excited about the barter/exchange option, which provides an opportunity to kick start and support your ability to think differently about how you transact with your customer and client base. 

The Atlas is how we envision a future built on businesses building + bartering their way to localized economic systems that self-sustain and fortify family legacies.


4 Pillars of 369

Inform. Align. Connect. Act.

In keeping with the four pillars of ThreeSixNine Media, our goal is to build bridges instead of barriers, by creating alignment between merchants and the communities they serve, in 4 easy steps!

Step One: Read the Term + Conditions + How to Create an Account 

Step Two: Complete your business profile

Step Three: Submit for approval

Step Four: Your business will be approved within 48 hours of submission. (Note: only businesses who indicate that they support their patrons right to medical privacy will be approved).

Terms + Conditions

It is expected that merchants and public users of this directory have fulfilled their legal and ethical due diligence and therefore enter into this space in good faith. This venue is intended for merchants who respect our fundamental right to medical privacy and for men and women who wish to support them. ThreeSixNine Media accepts no liability for any harm, communication or otherwise received as a result of posting your business in this directory and account holders who participate in this directory, do so at their own risk. The merchants located in this directory are not endorsed, affiliated or partnered with ThreeSixNine Media unless expressly stated and Three Six Nine Media accepts no liability for any private merchant activity or decisions; Three Six Nine Media reserves the right to remove any merchant not in adherence with our standards or guidelines, at any time. By creating an account and entering your information herein, you agree to receive email communication and offers from ThreeSixNine Media, from which you may unsubscribe at any time. Further, by creating an account and profile for your business, you accept any and all liability and agree to indemnify and hold harmless ThreeSixNine Media from any and all potential damages incurred as a result. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. Privacy policy is subject to the terms set forth below by the third-party provider, Community Box, and ThreeSixNine Media bears no responsibility or liability for the protection of your information, on behalf of Fraction 7, Ltd, makers of Community Box.


ThreeSixNine Media is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within this directory. We are sensitive to the fact that merchants reserve the right to change their policy at any time, therefore if you have an experience with a merchant in this directory that is not respecting medical privacy, or are a merchant whose business is listed on here in error, please let us know using the contact form below. Note we will only be responding to messages related to the subjects listed above.

Thanks for submitting!

Community Box Privacy Policy

In the following Policy, * "we" refers to Fraction 7, Ltd, makers of Community Box 1. What data we store on your device We do not store any data on your device. 2. What we track We monitor activity in, and uploads to, Boxes. This is both to ensure there are no violations of the Terms and Conditions, or in order to comply with requests from law enforcement or other authorised government agencies. 3. What data we store We store any data that is necessary for the display and processing of a Box (e.g., the box contents themselves, and any settings or customisations that have been made to the Boxes). We also store your contact details so that we can get in touch with you for purposes in connection with the business. We also store usage metrics in order for our internal teams to improve the Community Box experience. 4. What data we share We are committed to your privacy and we do not share data with any 3rd parties, except in the case of requests from law enforcement and other authorised government agencies. 5. How we process your data Your data is stored and processed in the form of reports, and real-time monitoring and metrics. These are used internally within our company to allow us to improve our services so we can improve the Community Box user experience. 6. How you can obtain and erase the data we store about you If you wish to obtain copies of any data we store about you, or for us to erase that data (note that this would imply terminating your account with us), then you can email with the subject line "GDPR request" and we will follow up with you to ascertain what action is required.